Registration to Sport Fest started!

Tarp gausaus dalyvių rato sporto šventėje varžosi ir merginos

The girls teams also participating in the tournament.

All the sports fans are invited in the traditional, XII Summer Sport Fest in Pandėlys town, Rokiškis district, Lithuania. Like every year we organizing basketball 5×5, street basketball 3×3, football 7×7 and beach volleyball 4×4 tournaments. Last year in our Fest participated 91 team.

In tournament works professional referees, we play good music, all players have drinking water for free, lots of photos and videos are made, and also you will have super emotions all day long!

The cups and medals are waiting You! The champions of basketball 5×5 and football will be awarded with money prizes and of course lots of other prizes will be available.

For team registration you must fill the form and pay the participating fee. Every team can participate in every sports You want, the groups are not limited to register by.

The registration deadline July 23 18:00.

CHECK EVENT SITE (lithuanian)

Basketball 5×5

Teams play on whole court 5 on 5. 3 player available for substitution. 2 periods of 5 min playing time (can be changed). Group stage, then playoffs. Every game are very intensive and fast.

Teams in tournament – 16.
Team fee – 20 Eur.

Street Basketball 3×3

Traditional street basketball 3 on 3. Six different groups available, you can register in more than one group.

Open A – group for stronger teams. Teams in tournament – 8-12.
Open B – Group for weaker teams, with few or none experience. Teams in tournament – 8-12.
Family – Team must be made from family members (brothers, cousins and etc.). Teams in tournament – 6-8.
Youth – Group for players born 1999 and younger. Teams in tournament – 6-8.
Children – Group for players born 2001 and younger. Teams in tournament – 6-8.
Women – Woman and girls. Teams in tournament – 6-8.

Team fee – 10 Eur.

Football 7×7

Game played 7 on 7. Two pitches available. Substitutes – 3. Playing time 2 periods of 10 min each. Group stage then playoffs.

Teams in tournament – 16.
Team fee – 20 Eur.

Beach volleyball 4×4

There must be at least 1 women in team.
Two groups available:
A group for players with better skills.
B group for amateurs and non-played.

Teams in tournament – 12-16.
Team fee – 10 Eur.

More information:

You can ask us at Facebook profile or call, email Martynas Karaliūnas (mobile: +37060003689, email:

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